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Coturnix Quail - A 2016 Experiment

50 Coturnix Quail eggs ordered from a breeder in Louisiana (received 60). After two 'oops', 58 were put in the incubator. Only 21 hatched and lived. Many say to expect a 50% hatch rate of shipped eggs.

01/07/16 - 1 Day Old 01/21/16 - 2 Weeks Old 02/04/16 - 4 Weeks Old


As an experiment, we purchased 36 mixed quail eggs from a local breeder. Only 20 of them were 11 grams or larger, so those were put in the incubator (the rest were delicious!). Of those 20, 18 hatched yesterday, 02/10/16. Lost a white one on 02/15/16. Still an excellent hatch rate.

02/11/16 - 1 Day Old


All quail were dispatched in mid-May. They are high maintenance, eat a ton of food and draw A LOT of flies; not to mention the small amount of meat per bird. The dogs and pigs enjoyed the tiny eggs though.

We did keep two quail, a Tuxedo quail (named Miss Q) and a white Texas A & M quail. Both were rescued from the others due to very bloody heads. Who knew Coturnix Quail were prejudice?!

Miss Q in a Tractor with Grow-out Bunnies

Thank you for your interest; we have sold all the quail.
If you have any questions, please ask!

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