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Gardening Alternatives at GrailQuest Farms
NEW in March, 2014

We moved here in November, 2011; the selling point was the quiet solitude. We gave no thought to gardening when we bought the place, but come spring it became a topic of conversation around here. We tried to grow a few greens and some tomatoes in the "garden bed". That's when we found out that the property also came with leaf-cutter ants. If you aren't familiar with them, I envy you. They can take a full grown tree to the limbs and trunk in one night - stripping off all greenery. Incredible.

We live on 10 acres of sand and trees southeast of Seguin, TX

The property came with a "garden bed" in the backyard

In 2013 we added another bed for herbs right outside the back door - so we could keep a close eye on the ants. I believe we got a total of three poblano peppers, some sage and green onions. We tried the "tomato plant in a bucket" method, and maybe got five tomatoes. With so many trees, finding enough sunlight can be a problem. Plants that were watered twice a day did the best - remember, all sand no dirt.

This year Glenn decided to pursue one of his long-time interests - aquaponics. During his online studies, he also came across hydroponics. The draw for both is they don't take up too much space, nor do they require soil and daily watering.

I have trouble remembering which is which, so here:
Hydroponics: the process of growing plants in gravel or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil.

Aquaponics:  a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.

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