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Welcome to GrailQuest Farms
Our Does


GrailQuest Farms Annie - Polled
Born 03/30/15
MDGA Registered
1st Generation MiniNubian
Sire: GrailQuest Farms Puck
Dam: GrailQuest Farms Penelope
(Click Here to See Photos of Annie's Family Tree)


GrailQuest Farms Cleopatra - Blue Eyes
Born 03/15/16
MDGA Registered
1st Generation MiniNubian
Sire: Pace Country Disco Blue
Dam: GrailQuest Farms Penelope

Pixel - Blue-eyed, Polled Doeling
Born 03/13/18

Scooter - Blue-Eyed Wether
Born 03/13/18

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Pace Country Dianthus Blue (Dian)
Born 03/23/16 - Blue Eyes
AGS Registered
Sire: WH Acres Cohn
Dam: Pace Country Daisy Mae Blue

THANK YOU Mary Lou Pace, www.PaceCountryGoats.com, for allowing us to have this Adorable Girl!

 We think Nubians are beautiful, and are BIG cuddle bunnies, like the Nigerians. We have bred these leggy coquettes with our Nigerian Dwarf bucks to produce "MiniNubians" - goats with the friendly personality of the Nigerians and the good-looks, increased milk output and ease of milking of the Nubians, all in a compact package that requires less feed and is easy to handle. We believe we have produced the perfect small homestead animal in terms of temperament, milk production, ease of care and good looks. 

In Loving Memory

Pace Country Delta Blue
03/05/07 - 05/30/08
Registered Nubian
Sire: Rebecca Creeks Gunther
Dam: Pace Country Deluchie

GrailQuest Farms Pepper - Blue Eyes
03/15/05 - 02/12/15
Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
Sire: Ponderosa Rose Blue's Man
Dam: Ponderosa Rose Splendid

Pace Country Lois Lane ~ Ellie
03/24/07 - 02/22/10
Registered Nubian
Sire: Rebecca Creeks Gunther
Dam: Bradley's Lorraine's Loree

We miss them all.

GrailQuest Farms
is Located in Seguin, Texas
(30 miles East of San Antonio, TX)

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