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Welcome to GrailQuest Farms

Goats For Sale

Ours is a "closed" herd. Our foundation herd was purchased from Ponderosa Rose Farm in 2004, and we acquired 4 more does from Ponderosa Rose in 2006, when the farm relocated.

We breed MiniNubians (Nigerian Dwarf-Nubian cross) in an effort to get a little larger animal with a bit more production of rich milk than a Nigerian Dwarf.

If you are looking for registerable Nigerian Dwarf goats available right now, we highly recommend Pace Country Goats in Lockhart, TX. You will note that many of our animals came from their farm. They have a lot of blue-eyed ND's ready to go!

ALL 2019 Kids Have Been Sold


All Sales are 'At The Gate'
We Do Not Ship
We Reserve the Right to Rescind a Sale at Any Time.

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GrailQuest Farms
is Located in Seguin, Texas
(30 miles East of San Antonio, TX)

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