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is Located in Seguin, Texas
(30 miles East of San Antonio, TX)

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GrailQuest Farms - Our Dogs

Photo taken 06/29/10

Two Border Collies

Clyde was born on May 6, 2003.


Silkie  January 2, 2005 - June 24, 2013.
Our Loving Guardian - and my 'Woo-Woo' Girl
Always in my heart

Silkie, just after her summer cut

 and Two English Shepherds (also called American Farm Collies)

Wingo Ranch Grailquest Sam was born on September 27, 2009.


Earth Angels Grailquest Shasta was born on March 8, 2010.


Koi Pond Doubles as a Water Bowl
after a Soccer Game

The Girls See Sam for the First Time
(Please Note: A Picture with NO Goat Butts!)


As a puppy, Sam knew what he wanted...
He just didn't know where IT was.

When he finally figured out where IT was...
He couldn't get to IT.

Long story short - 7 Puppies Were Born on October 13, 2011!

(8 hours old)

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